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How to have a successful Bridal Shower. By Prosperity Mansion - Located in Frederick / Carroll Co Ma

You begin the bridal shower planning by selecting your brides maids. They are typically the ones that throw the party. If they don't then the mothersteps in to plan the party.

Tell “them” if they are planning a surprise that you still want a say.

  1. If there are people that you don't want to come, say so. There is nothing wrong with you not wanting drama at this event.

  2. Register. Its more than fine to let people know what you need and want. That also helps with returns.

  3. Let “them” know your color pallet. It will be really nice to see the space decorated in YOUR colors. You may even be able to reuse some or all of the decorations at the wedding ceremony or reception.

  4. Set a dress code. Many people aren't sure how to dress. So if its a an outdoor / garden bridal shower check to see what the weather is typically like at that time. So if its warm tell them on the invitation “dress attire is a pastel sun dress”. To make it even more fun maybe tell them to dress is pinks or blues etc. whatever your color scheme is.

  5. NEVER wear black or sexy cloths. No matter how stylish it may be this is a happy light hearted event. You don't ever want to be sexy or try and steal the show.

  6. Is this an “everyone bring a dish”? Or is it catered? Even at some catered bridal showers sometimes they are asked to bring a dessert or a bottle or wine. Its up to you. But you should decide that and tell “them”. Some brides would never want their guests to be asked to bring anything other than a gift.

  7. Drop hints or be direct about what type of shower you would prefer. Its your day and you are allowed to have a say.

  8. If more then one person is throwing you a shower don't keep inviting that same people. It can be very burdensome to buy several bridal shower gifts and a wedding gift.

  9. Have games. There are tons of bridal shower games on line.

  10. Have a time set based on the number of people and try to stick to that. You don't want guests getting up and walking out because its gone way to long.

  11. How to deal with time getting away- Have some cocktails and finger foods as people are arriving. They you make your grand entrance about 20 minutes after the guest have been told the shower will start. Begin by eating the main course. Then open gifts. Break that up with a few games. Have dessert and you can continue opening gifts while everyone is having cake. Finally, if time is really getting away. Be polite and tell your guests that time is running away and if anyone needs to leave to please feel free to do so. You may also offer to finish opening the remaining gifts at home.

  12. Please remember to send a thank you card. Have a brides maid writing down what gift came from what guest so that you can personalize the card. Or write on the card what the gift was.

  13. If you had to take the gift back never mention that. Always be grateful for the thought and fact that they came.

  14. Don't re-gift. It could really hurt someone's feelings to see their present show up elsewhere.

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