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STRESS on your wedding day- Tips from Prosperity Mansion an outdoor / garden wedding venue located i

STRESS on your wedding day- Tips from Prosperity Mansion an outdoor / garden wedding venue located in Frederick Co / Carroll Co Maryland

I have only been hosting weddings for a short time. But after each event I try and analyze them. I am always looking at how to make the events better. The thing that is very common to all weddings is the stress level. That can make or break your day. I host the tours and everyone is so nice. If they book you they obviously love the wedding venue. When they come back again for a walk through , they are still really nice. Suddenly, its the wedding day and all heck breaks loose and I wonder who are these people. Did aliens come down and abduct the great people that rented the venue. I hear this from many other wedding venue owners as well. Here are some tips for getting through your day with as little stress as possible:

DON'T UNDER ESTIMATE WHATS INVOLVED AND THE TIME IT TAKES TO PLAN THE WEDDING- We recommend that you start a year in advance. Have an action plan for what to do each month. Ask for help with the planning aspect. Remember that getting the wedding venue is the very first step. You cannot get any other vendor lined up until you have a date and location. There are many websites with a 12 month action plan for wedding planning.

NOT REALIZING HOW LONG IT REALLY TAKES TO DO THINGS ON THE WEDDING DAY, LIKE: Decorating at the venue, hair and make up, clean up. Decorate one table start to finish and then times it by the number of tables at you reception. Double that for clean up. Add the time to unload the cars and load up during clean up. Ask your hair and makeup people for a realistic time to do everyone's hair and makeup. Ask the venue to purchase additional time if needed. Why try and do more than is possible on your wedding day and then everyone is stressed out. Spend the money for an extra hour or two. So when you are touring make sure that you ask how much additional time costs and take that into consideration when making a decision.

GET ORGANIZED: Have all decorations in boxes and clearly mark them as to where they should go and whats inside. Have people that are in charge of the various aspects of your event and set a timeline for completion.

HAVE ENOUGH HELP: You my want to consider hiring professionals to help. Yes its more money but think of how much stress you eliminate on your big day. If you cannot do that then ask for more help then you would ever think that you would need. Its better to have too much than not enough.

STAY CALM: Even the best planned weddings will have issues. In my opinion its how you handle the issues that matter. We never tell a bride or groom that there is or was a problem unless we have tried and cannot resolve it. That's the kind of people that you want handling your wedding ceremony and reception. We had a wedding planner here that ran to the bride and groom over every tiny issue and had them totally stressed out. I thought, why have a planner that cannot handle things? Don't hesitate to tell people that you don't want to know whats happening unless they have no idea what to do.

TREATING EVERYONE WITH RESPECT- When hiccups or bigger issues arise don't start yelling at each other. Allow those that are in charge of whatever it is to “fix” it. So step back and focus on something nice and fun. The bride, groom and wedding party should only get involved if the person in charge cannot fix the issue. Again, they should never even know that there is an issue.


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