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“Bridesmaid Dresses”- Prosperity Mansion & Farm- serving Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

“Bridesmaid Dresses”- Prosperity Mansion & Farm- serving Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties in Maryland: Advice from an outdoor / garden wedding venue in Maryland

You’ve got your bridesmaids, time to get their dresses! Like wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses come in a variety of styles, types, colors, and designs. However, picking out bridesmaid dresses can be just as complicated as picking out your own wedding dress.

Why? Because it’s not for you to wear, and your bridesmaids deserve to be able to approve of what they’re wearing. So today, the outdoor/garden wedding venue Prosperity Mansion & Farm is going to give you the scoop on how to pick out bridesmaid dresses.

The first thing that you need to do is research. Before you do anything else, researching what you like is imperative. Browse to your heart’s content and save any style that you like so you can consider is the way that you want to go about choosing bridesmaid dresses. Do you want to pick out the exact dress for your bridesmaids? If so, there are guidelines that you should definitely follow. You want to make sure that bridesmaid dresses aren’t the cause for lost friendships!

The main thing that you want to remember is that you want to ensure that your bridesmaids are comfortable (emotionally and physically) in their dresses. If you want to pick out bridesmaid dresses yourself, you need to consider the fact that your bridesmaids will very likely have different body types. Some dresses will look good on some women and others will definitely not.

For example, lighter colored dresses are not always right for certain skin tones. It is usually better to choose darker colored dresses. Colors such as navy, black, dark green, and dark blue are all very good choices. Darker fabrics with silhouettes that are form forgiving are usually favored. Also, it’s a good idea to not make the bridesmaid dresses form-fitting through the hip. Although a tip to help with that is to order the hip form-fitting dress two sizes above the woman’s actual size.

Brides can also have their bridesmaids choose their own gowns. There are both pros and cons to bridesmaids choosing their own dresses.

The Pros-

  • By giving them a certain color to choose from, they’ll be given the opportunity to choose a dress that they will definitely like and approve of. For instance, the bridesmaids will choose a dress that they like and will make them happy.

  • Price is up to them! Being a bridesmaid can be very expensive, so by allowing the bridesmaids to choose a dress themselves, they’ll be alleviating the stress and worry about not being able to afford the dress that you would have picked out. Also, you don’t have to feel guilty for picking out an expensive dress for them to wear.

The cons-

While we want bridesmaids to be happy, we also want you, the bride, to like the dresses that your bridesmaids pick out, and you might not because you simply have different tastes. Imagining one look and receiving another will no doubt leave you in disappointment.

If they pick out their own dresses, there is basically a 100% chance that you’ll be saying goodbye to conformity. If you say, “Choose a green dress,” there are going to be different shades of green, different lengths, different materials, and likely a variance of formality.

Some bridesmaids may forget or procrastinate with getting their dress, which will only make you needlessly anxious.

The best way to know what route to take is to have a talk with your bridesmaids. Some bridesmaids want to choose their dresses, others say it’s unnecessary work for them, and would rather the bride chose for them.

A helpful tip from this Maryland wedding venue is to ask all of your bridesmaids if they have certain types of dresses that they absolutely will not wear. For instance, your flat-chested friend won’t go within ten feet of a strapless dress. Or your red haired cousin clashes terribly with the color orange and won’t be caught dead in that color. It’s definitely easier to narrow down the list if the bridesmaids can eliminate dresses that they would absolutely hate. Don’t forget shoes and accessories to go with their dresses!

Choose a color or a color family that you like and run with it. Identifying your color scheme will help narrow down seemingly endless options. If you have a preferred designer you can also attempt to choose from that single designer’s collection, which will definitely help reduce the number of dresses to choose from.

You’ll also have to remember that location matters. Are you going to be somewhere hot, warm, chilly, etc.? You don’t want your bridesmaids to be uncomfortable during the ceremony and reception. In addition to weather, you’ll have to think about what time of year you’re getting married, because certain fabrics are only appropriate for certain seasons, and you don’t want to commit a fashion faux-pas. You should consider how the dresses will photograph.

Remember how we mentioned price earlier? Have a conversation with your bridesmaids about it. We know it’s not exactly the easiest conversation to have but it will help you plan everything in the long run. It can help with deciding where to shop, which will save a lot of time and effort.

We recommend that you start shopping for bridesmaid dresses at least 7-8 months before your wedding day. This way, you won’t be as stressed out, and you might even be able to find a good sale!

The best course of action might be to go with your bridesmaids to pick out dresses so that you can both be happy with the dresses chosen. If you both love it, it is obviously a win/win! This Maryland wedding venue knows its stuff, as we have seen it all! Remember, the most important thing is that you and your bridesmaids are both pleased with the dresses and are happy with the outcome. We know you’ll choose well!

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