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How to Save Money On Your Wedding- Tips from Prosperity Mansion. An outdoor / rustic wedding venue s

Updated: May 24, 2021

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Maryland

Mansions in Westminster for weddings are everyone’s dream wedding venue. However, it can be expensive. Wedding venues in Frederick MD are hot commodities and it’s crucial to save a budget to accommodate your guests and have a festive celebration at the same time.

Aside from Frederick county wedding venues, there are many other ways to cut expenses without hurting the details of your wedding. If you’re availing outdoor wedding venues in Maryland, you can save from other things like flowers, invitations, cake, etc.

By prioritizing and slashing some unimportant costs, you can save money from your wedding which you can use for your honeymoon.

Save money from wedding mansions

Knowing how to save money on wedding starts by picking the right venue. If you’re just planning a small ceremony, it’s just fitting to choose an equally intimate setting. But the catch here is that a beautiful location, no matter how small, can save you money.

There’s no need for tons of decorations and setup on the part of the wedding planner. Also, some mansions in Westminster for weddings will reduce the venue cost if you wed on a weekday or in the morning.

Reasons why you need to save money from wedding venues

The reasons why you have to know how to save money on your wedding is simple: the new chapter of your life will need a solid jumpstart. Instead of splurging on one night with your friends and family, you can cut some expenses and allot it to something else.

You can save the money for a better honeymoon destination or as a starting fund for you and your spouse. Weddings are notorious for creating a dent on every couple’s savings account. It doesn’t have to be this way all the time.

The extra money you’ll spend on your wedding can be put on your business. It can also serve as additional fund if you’re planning to have kids right away.

Do you know how much a wedding will cost you? It’s around $35,000 according to a 2016 survey of the Knot to more or less 13,000 couples.

How to save money on outdoor venues in Maryland: Tips from Prosperity Mansion

Outdoor weddings are romantic and the natural landscape serves as a free décor for the nuptials. If you’re booking wedding venues in Frederick MD like the Prosperity Mansion, there are some hacks to cut the cost.

Here are some of the tried and tested methods from Prosperity Mansion:

1. Save money from wedding flowers

Beautiful blooms are staples of every wedding. However, it shouldn’t break your bank either. Staying local and seasonal is a good choice on how to save money on wedding flowers.

This way, you’ll get the freshest flowers at a more affordable price. Forget about the imported tulips from The Netherlands if you can use year-round blooms like orchids or roses.

Also, it would save you more money if you opt for big blooms. Since the petals are large, it will look grand and elegant centerpieces. That’s better than spray roses.

2. Be wise with your wedding invitations

This part has two points: keeping the guest list short and being streetwise with your wedding invitation. If you’re getting wed on outdoor wedding venues in Maryland, you can opt for a rustic yet cheap invitation.

You can hire a crafty friend or create your own invitations. You can save thousands of dollars from this alone. That amount can be used to cater to more guests or have a grander menu.

Include only the essentials so you can save pages of paper. Also, keep it simple and skip the engravings and embossed letters. Knowing how to save money on wedding invitations will save you from exorbitant printing costs.

3. Have a long engagement

There’s joy in waiting as they said. True enough, some Frederick county wedding venues will give you discounts if you book months ahead before the big day.

If you’re working with a wedding planner, don’t forget to let him or her know of your budget. This way, you won’t be surprised by last-minute buffers.

4. Book a smaller band

No matter what type of music you want, booking a small band will definitely save you a lot of money. By hiring six band members instead of 12, you will pay for cheaper equipment and fewer people. Even if you’ll have fewer musicians, you can still enjoy live music at your wedding.

You also have the option to hire music for both the ceremony and the reception. For example, if you’re hiring a six-member band for the reception, you can ask three of them to play at the ceremony.

5. Plan your wedding reception

It’s better to get married and hold a reception at the same venue. This way, you can cut travel cost and time. The Prosperity Mansion offers this convenience so you no longer have to pay for another venue.

After saying your I Dos, the tranquility of the Prosperity Mansion’s landscape will serve as the perfect place for the celebration. From small to large weddings, you will have a great time here.

But if you really want to save money, you can trim your guest list. With fewer guests attending, the cost of your rentals and catering services will be slashed drastically.

6. Shop around

You can save money from your favors, cakes, and decors if you will shop around. Check brick-and-mortar stores to get discounts by buying in bulk. Some online stores offer very cheap invitation cardstocks and wedding supplies.

Knowing how to save money on your wedding just requires a little gumption and patience. Don’t forget to check many stores. The cheapest deals might be on the store near your area.

7. Don’t spend a fortune on your wedding cake

A one or two-tier cake would be enough to highlight your reception. As much as this is a personal choice, you can save money by skipping excessive embellishments and fancy ornaments.

You can shoot for simple fillings without sacrificing the taste. If you want to save more, you can opt for fresh flowers for decors instead of sugar flowers. The latter is expensive as it takes the baker more time to create.

From mansions in Westminster for weddings to smaller details like invitations and favors, you can save a lot of money. What matters on the big day is that you’re there for love.

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